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Call for prosecution after pair of kittens thrown from moving van

By Jenna Gardiner

These are the two kittens recovering from a terrifying ordeal after they were hurled from the window of a moving van in Co Tyrone.

The callous act took place in the Campsie area of Omagh.

Eyewitness Stuart Young was travelling to work shortly after 6am last Monday when he saw someone throw the kittens from what he thinks was a white Citroen Berlingo.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," he said, describing how the animals were "all over the place" amid the noise of passing traffic.

Both kittens were startled and took off in opposite directions. Stuart managed to earn the trust of one, who he later took to Spires Vet Clinic in the town.

The other was later found hiding inside the Bank of Ireland branch in Campsie before it was passed on by staff to the Grovehill Animal Trust in Sixmilecross.

"I was disgusted that someone could do such a thing. I went to work that morning and all I could think about was the shock and safety of the other kitten," Stuart added.

Both kittens have since been rehomed by the vet, and Stuart expressed his joy that they now have a "happy ending".

Richard Robinson, co-ordinator at Grovehill, said what had happened was against the law and the PSNI are aware of the incident.

He believes the person who threw the kittens should be hunted down.

"This is unacceptable behaviour, but sadly it's not the first time we've seen unwanted animals abandoned out of moving cars," he said.

Richard explained that the Animal Trust experience this problem around this time each year, as it is the time when cats start breeding. He added: "If people were just to neuter their animals it would be stopped.

"There is help out there if you no longer want your pet, it's just barbaric to dump it out of car."

Northern Ireland has one of the best animal welfare laws in Europe according to Richard.

But he added: "They're never acted upon, any sentences that are imposed by a judge are always far too lenient.

"People can't be seen to be getting away with this, the laws we have here are only used half as much as they should be."

James Callion, a vet at the Spires clinic who treated both cats, said it was lucky the kittens had no major injuries, but they will take a while to settle following their ordeal.

Staff at the vets spent time with them both to build up trust, and are baffled as to why someone would throw kittens out of a window and into danger.

"It's most likely they were getting rid of them to save them the bother of looking after them," James added.

"We were very lucky that good people were around to save them".

Even if the cats had survived on the busy road, James said it is likely they would have perished through malnutrition and dehydration due to the heatwave.

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