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Call for worldwide vigil in bid to save death row dog Lennox

By Amanda Poole

Campaigners trying to save a Belfast death row dog are calling for a vigils to be held across the world this weekend.

Supporters of Lennox are due to hold a candlelit vigil tomorrow in England after a court appeal to spare the dog’s life was dismissed last week.

And they are hoping that the action will be repeated in a number of countries internationally.

Caroline Barnes from north Belfast was left heartbroken after her six-year-old dog Lennox was seized on May 19, 2010.

Belfast City Council dog wardens had called to the Barnes home for a routine licence check when it was noted the dog was acting aggressively.

A drawn-out court battle then ensued between Ms Barnes and the council.

It was determined that Lennox is a dangerous pit bull, but his owners and thousands of dog lover dispute this.

They say he is an American bull cross, who has been subjected to a witch-hunt and that he is only being put down because of the way he looks.

Lennox, who is due to be put to sleep via lethal injection in less than 14 days, is currently at a secret location to ensure he is not abducted.

Dog lovers in the seaside resort of Brighton are due to meet at 7pm tomorrow by the clock tower in the town’s Preston Park and there have been calls for worldwide supporters to stage a vigil at the same time.

There are now 110,960 signatures on the petition to save the dog, who has been separated from Ms Barnes and her 12-year-old disabled daughter Brooke for over 500 days.

It is thought Ms Barnes and her family may join a vigil in Belfast tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that another family in Castlereagh are facing the same struggle as the e Barneses.

When Lennox’s owners were hearing his fate at Laganside Court last Friday, a court case was being heard in Newtownards regarding another suspected pit bull dog called Chico.


Lennox was picked up by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010. Officers had called at Caroline Barnes’ home to check the dog’s licence when it was noted to be acting aggressively.

Experts took the dog to kennels where its measurements were taken to confirm if it was a pit bull.

Pit bull terrier-type dogs are a banned breed.

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