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Call over Troubles victims pensions

Former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain has called on all parties to support a special pension for those severely injured during the Troubles.

The Labour MP (Neath) asked in the Commons: " Would the Government agree that the provision of a special pension for those severely injured in the Troubles and who are unable to build up an occupational pension of their own... included in the Stormont House agreement should be supported by all parties?

"And that questions around who should be eligible for that pension can be resolved to ensure that those who were severely injured through no fault of their own are not denied the opportunity to have some degree of financial independence as they grow old?"

Northern Ireland minister Andrew Murrison said the matter had been left "largely unresolved although open " in the Stormont House agreement, reached at the end of last year.

He went on: "The problem does revolve I'm afraid to say around the definition of victims.

"That is a work in hand and it is something we are going to have to return to."


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