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Call to cut speed limit as Curragh Road claims another victim

A stretch of road which claimed the life of a 79-year-old man on Wednesday evening is being targeted by those who wish to see its speed limit reduced.

The Curragh Road in Coleraine, which is home to the Culcrow Primary School and playgroup, has a speed limit of 60mph, and according to one campaigner, has claimed the lives of at least five people in the last 10 years.

Its latest victim, James McLean from Portstewart, died after he was involved in a one-vehicle crash on Wednesday evening. Although speed was not thought to be a factor, campaigner Angela Torrens has called for a substantial reduction in the speed limit.

The former DUP council candidate believes it is only a matter of time before a young child is the victim of a crash on the road.

"It's a lovely big straight piece of road and the minute cars get on it there's speeding. It's all ages - both male and female are flying down that road when they should have more sense," she said.

"We formed a group of concerned local residents. We wrote to the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy and we were trying to see if we could get road signs, even if we could get a 40mph limit.

"He said there was no money in the budget for road signs."

Mr Kennedy said: "I want to express my sympathy to the family of the person killed.

"I would be prepared to ask officials to look at the road to see if any improvements can be brought forward."

Policing Board member and East Londonderry MLA Adrian McQuillan reiterated the calls from the community who wish to see a drop in the current speed limit of 60mph.

"It was only a matter of weeks ago when I highlighted the fact that this road is dangerous due to the speed limit. The speed limit is far too high and people are driving far too fast," he said.

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