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Call to honour Ulster's anti-Franco heroes

Almost 100 Ulstermen who fought together against General Francisco Franco are set to be recognised with a stained-glass window in Belfast City Hall.

Some 80 locals travelled to Spain to fight fascist dictator Franco.

The Spanish Civil War raged from 1936 to 1939 with Franco winning, and only a handful of Ulster fighters making home.

SDLP councillor Pat McCarthy has now proposed ensuring they are remembered with a permanent honour.

He has secured the support of Belfast City Council to look into erecting a stained-glass window in their memory.

"In this city, the issue of commemorations and memorials is often emotive, divisive and sometimes hurtful," he said.

"They need not all be like that. There are times when the sacrifice of others can give us all good reason to put aside party political differences."

The SDLP man said Catholics and Protestants united in this fight. Mr McCarthy's motion will be considered at the strategic policy and resources committee of the council and is expected to be progressed.

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