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'Callous criminals' rob elderly Dundonald woman in her own home


Policewoman on patrol

Policewoman on patrol

Policewoman on patrol

Two men duped and robbed an elderly woman after they got into her Dundonald home by claiming that they were there to check her taps.

Police branded the thieves "callous criminals" and called on people to look out for their elderly or vulnerable neighbours to prevent distraction robberies.

Detective Sergeant Sharon Little said that the two men, one described as being in his 40s and the other in his 20s wearing dark clothes and a baseball cap, called at the woman's home around 7.30pm on Friday.

She said: "They told the woman that they were from 'the water board' and were there to check the taps in the property.

"The men gained entry to her home and stayed for around 10 minutes, keeping up the pretence of checking the taps.

"Shortly after the men had left the house, the woman noticed that a sum of money had been taken from her purse."

Detective Little said householders should check before they open their door to see if they recognise the person, and always ask for proof of identity.

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