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Calls to remove Irish tricolour erected outside Protestant church in Co Armagh

There have been calls for the removal of an Irish tricolour flag which was erected outside a church in Co Armagh.

According to the Alliance party's Chris Lyttle MLA, the flag was put up outside a Presbyterian church in Keady.

He's now called for its removal.

“A deliberate act of provocation such as this must be condemned and I call for the immediate removal of this flag from the lamppost," he said.

"The unofficial display of flags is often used to mark territory and raise tensions, meaning public space is not truly shared. There is clearly a need for a clear, transparent framework for dealing with the unofficial display of flags, which is what Alliance has tried to do with our recent consultation into the matter.

"I also welcome Danny Kennedy’s comments condemning this erection of flags but would ask him where was this approach when he was Regional Development Minister, when he had responsibility for street furniture. Doing nothing is no longer an option."

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