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Calum Best - I struggled to form a bond with my dad

By Lucy Mapstone

Calum Best has said his relationship with his late dad George ended without them bonding.

Calum, who rose to fame for being the Belfast footballer's son before becoming a reality TV star, told Channel 5's In Therapy about the time his father went into surgery for a life-saving liver transplant about five years after he moved to the UK.

Calum said: "There was a real vulnerability to him, a genuine look in his eye that I felt I'd never had before. He looked at me and said, 'Calum, I'm really sorry, it's going to be different from now on'."

They went on a holiday that Calum thought would secure their father-son bond, but when George began drinking again he knew his chance was over.

"That was the moment, that moment in that hospital and that trip, that was the changing point that could have been, and it ended right there," he said.

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