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Cameraman remembers Belfast Zoo elephant Tina

By Mark Edwards

She was well known for being mischievous. And since the death of Tina the elephant was announced by Belfast Zoo at the weekend, people have been remembering the much-loved animal.

BBC cameraman Trevor Ferris unearthed hilarious images of the elephant ruining around a mile of camera and sound cables ahead of a broadcast in the early 1980s.

He said: "The BBC were making a series about Belfast Zoo called Behind The Scenes At The Zoo. All the camera and sounds cables were rigged the day before in preparation for the recording. Overnight Tina, the naughty elephant, had other ideas.

"After stretching over the wall of her compound she grabbed a trunkful and chewed her way through all of them. The crew came back the next morning to see her demonstrate her achievement."

Tina was aged 54 when she died.

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