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Campbell: DUP is on the way up

Gregory Campbell declared his Democratic Unionist Party on the way up after reclaiming his seat in East Londonderry.

His position in Westminster was never in doubt, but the stalwart was delighted to have increased his share of the vote and further stretched his impressive lead over rivals.

With 14,663 votes, the outgoing MP secured the backing of 42% of those who turned out at the polling booths in the constituency.

Last time around in 2010, he took less than 35% of the voter share.

In his victory speech at the Templemore Sports Complex in Derry, the outspoken DUP veteran characteristically took aim at his detractors.

"Many people tried to denigrate this party and this candidate," he said.

"Many people done their worst, many in the media did their worst."

The runner-up in the predominantly unionist East Londonderry constituency, Sinn Fein's Caoimhe Archibald, polled less than half of the winning candidate, on 6,859 votes.

The Ulster Unionist Party's William McCandless took 5,333 votes.

Mr Campbell said his win was part of a wider rise in support for his party.

"In every count, in every category this party is on the way up," he said.

"Others may be on the way down, but we are on the way up in east Londonderry, in this part of the United Kingdom."

Earlier in the night, Mr Campbell claimed it was "game on" for the DUP to take a role in the UK government if predictions about a significant swing to the Conservatives were correct.

Turnout in East Londonderry was down from 55.5% in 2010 to 52.24 % this time around.


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