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Cannabis oil 'transformed life' of terminally ill brain tumour man Kieran McCrory


Kieran McCrory with his wife Sylvia

Kieran McCrory with his wife Sylvia

Kieran McCrory with his wife Sylvia

A man suffering from a terminal brain tumour has told how his quality of life has been transformed since he started using cannabis oil for treatment.

Kieran McCrory (37) has been advised by doctors he has between three and five years to live.

Last week in a BBC interview Kieran claimed that since using illegal cannabis oil in his drinks and food, doctors have told him that his tumour had stopped growing.

It has not been proven whatcaused his improvement, but Kieran insists that his daily quality of life has changed radically for the better.

Research in parts of the US has supported the use of cannabis in cancer treatment, but it's still something the UK Government, and charities like Cancer Research UK, refuse to endorse.

Kieran and his wife Sylvia have said they're well aware of the risks but have spoken about how their choice has affected their life and their hopes for the future.

"I've always been open and honest to anybody who's asked me about cannabis," said Kieran.

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"I've even said to my local doctor, I'll never lie to you."

"The doctors that I've been speaking to all know I'm doing it. They've said if it's working for you keep doing it. Legally that's all they can say. They're not going to say they support my approach."

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A man with a terminal brain tumour says he believes cannabis oil has helped prolong his life. Even though it is illegal 38 year old Kieran McCrory says he's going to continue using it. Elaine McGee reports.

Posted by BBC Newsline on Thursday, 11 February 2016

After undergoing physically exhausting radiation treatment, Kieran said that he felt so sick he accepted an offer from a friend to try cannabis oil.

"When I don't have it, I lie in bed and think I'm going to die," he explained. "Once I got CBD [the cannabis oil] I started taking it in my coffee and cooking with it."


Kieran McCrory in hospital

Kieran McCrory in hospital

Kieran McCrory in hospital

"Within the first 24 hours my whole game just picked up, I was walking around the next day, chatting and reading books. The day before I was lying in a hospital bed."

He said his wife Sylvia "dreads the day" he can't get the oil.

"It's not easy at all to get it because it's illegal, it's very risky. It's a situation that someone like myself shouldn't be in."

"I'm not asking to hurt anybody, I'm asking for something that nature has provided and I should be entitled to use."

Kieran is now paralysed down the left side of his body, and relies on Sylvia for everyday things like cutting his food and getting dressed.

"Having this available to me gives me back the power," he said.

"It gives you this burst of energy that you just didn't have lying in hospital after brain surgery."

Kieran's wife Sylvia, originally from Australia, said the improvement in his condition has had a huge impact on her life too.

Sylvia says that since Kieran has been taking the oil they have now been able to enjoy life together again. She says the couple's dream is now to move to Australia, where she has grown-up children, and for them to start a business.

"We've got our own aspirations and dreams that we want to push for, and we feel like we've got a chance now."

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