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Can't keep a good goose down: Young 'George' ready for flight in days after savage Ballymena attack

The injured Goose has been named George. Pic PSNI Ballymena
The injured Goose has been named George. Pic PSNI Ballymena

A young goose thought to have had his wing broken in an attack in Ballymena will be ready for the skies in days, police have said.

The greylag species of goose was grabbed by the neck and hit with something in an attack in Ballymena's People's Park.

It was initially thought his leg and wing were broken and he may have had to be put down.

However, in an update on Sunday, police said George - as he has been named - is making a recovery although battered and bruised after his ordeal.

They praised the care of vets Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic in Ballymena who looked after him.

"It is not known if his wing is broken as a sedation and x-ray would be too much of an ordeal for him at present," police said.

"But as long as his recovery continues in the manner it has done so far, George should be fit for release in the next couple of days."

Can’t keep a good goose down The goose injured in an attack at People’s Park last Wednesday night is recovering well...

Posted by PSNI Ballymena on Sunday, July 21, 2019

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