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Car crashed into playground

Strangford MLA Michelle McIlveen has called for improved road safety around the Cloughey play park following a dramatic road accident last week which resulted in a car crashing through the play park fence and turning onto its roof.

The local MLA met with concerned local residents following the incident. “From eyewitness reports it seems that this accident occurred at around 6.15pm. The vehicle crashed through the play park fence and overturned onto its roof,” she explained.

“Fortunately, it appears that no-one was in the play park at the time but things could have been very different. If the incident had occurred slightly earlier in the evening the outcome may have been much more tragic.

“The primary school is directly across the road from this play park and the road currently has a speed limit of 40 mph. This is obviously an area where there are a lot of children and it is of paramount importance that steps are taken to ensure that the chances of something like this occurring again are minimised.

“I have been in contact with the PSNI, Roads Service and Ards Borough Council regarding this particular matter and I hope to hold a site meeting with these agencies in the near future to discuss what has happened and to see what can be done to improve road safety in the area.”

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