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Car crashes into wall after Newry driver forgets to put on handbrake

The car crashed into a wall. Credit: PSNI
The car crashed into a wall. Credit: PSNI

Police have issued a warning to drivers to remember to always firmly apply their handbrake when parking a car.

It comes after a car rolled down a hill and crashed into a wall in Newry after the driver forgot to put on the handbrake.

The car travelled across a junction and crashed into the wall of a nearby home.

A PSNI spokesperson said it was lucky that no pedestrians or road users were injured.

"Rule number one when parking on a hill, always make sure you firmly apply the handbrake," the spokesperson said.

"Unfortunately this was not the case for a motorist today in Newry. As seen below, the runaway vehicle travelled downhill across a junction and collided with a wall of nearby residence causing significant damage.

"Thankfully no pedestrians or other road users were injured, however the owner of the vehicle will now have to foot a costly repair bill to fix the wall!"  

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