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Car hijacker is given 18 months

A man has been jailed for 18 months after admitting hijacking an accountant’s car in Londonderry after he had been offered a lift.

Joseph Patrick MacDermott (26), from Osborne Street, was caught by the police after he failed to start the BMW 7 series belonging to Terence McCullough in August 2009.

Derry Crown Court heard he failed to start it up because he was unable to switch on the computerised ignition system.

Judge Piers Grant was told that Mr McCullough agreed to give MacDermott a lift after he approached him close to his accountancy offices.

But when Mr McCullough stopped to let MacDermott out, he threatened “to smash his face in” and also gave the accountant the impression that he was armed with a knife.

Mr McCullough ran into the nearby Radio Foyle station building and after police were alerted they arrested MacDermott close to the scene of the hijacking.

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