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Car is the Star-sky draw at movie memorabilia crime auction

By David Young

A rare replica of the iconic Ford Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch sold for a cool £7,500 at an auction in Co Antrim last night which drew hundreds of starstruck movie fans.

Ewoks, Cybermen, Gremlins, Iron Man and even the Terminator were among the rare film and TV memorabilia which went under the hammer in Newtownabbey.

But it was the Gran Torino that drew some of the biggest crowds of admirers.

Mitch Healey was among those who were interested in the lot - he drove to the auction from Dublin when he heard about the treasures up for grabs.

"If I live to be a 100, I'll never see an auction like this again," he said.

"The Starsky and Hutch car, Arcade games and Terminator - it's what every fella - if he had the money - would want to buy!"

However, Mitch and scores of others were left disappointed when the Gran Torino was snapped up by an online buyer.

Of the other lots, a Cyberman statue made £1,600, while a Star Wars Ewok went for £350. And Lady Penelope's FAB1 pink Thunderbirds Rolls Royce netted £250 from a devoted fan.

A 5ft model of Fifties icon Robbie The Robot attracted £650.

Along with the sci-fi souvenirs were movie props like Batman's motorcycle, a Batboat and a specially adapted hover BMW used in Back To The Future 2.

Auctioneer Aidan Langan said much of the memorabilia from last night's auction had come from a police seizure in England.

"A chap in England had fallen foul of the law and had all his assets seized," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"He had a nuclear bunker and was using it to grow cannabis, which itself is like something out of a movie! His hobby, his passion was collecting these weird and wonderful items."

All the money raised by the sale of the criminal assets will go back into the public purse.

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