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Car still king in Northern Ireland and more would get bus if it was cheaper, new figures reveal

By Jonny Bell

Government statistics reveal that the car is still king in Northern Ireland and more people would get the bus - if it was cheaper.

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland revealed that 81% of all journeys are by car.

Public transport - using either bus, train or taxis - was consider the least popular option among the public.

Of those asked for the survey a third said they would consider public transport if it was cheaper. This comes just weeks after public transport provider Translink introduced an increase in fares.

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The statistics show that Translink carried almost 70million passengers in the 2014/15 year.

A sixth of respondents took a bus once a week and one in 30 a train.

Only 1% of people used a park and ride facility.

The report also shows that, on average, Northern Ireland residents travelled 5,827 miles in one year spending nearly 300 hours getting from A to B.  The most popular reason for travel was for a leisure activity with the work commute next.

Half said they are on their bike at least once a week and more would do so if there was better infrastructure. over half of those asked said they were put off cycling because of heavy traffic and "motorists driving without consideration of cyclists”.

It also showed that 63% of people took a walk more than once a week, with more saying they would do so if the weather was better.

Also revealed was that 94% of people in Northern Ireland are not considering buying an electric car.

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