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Cardinal Sean Brady: I’m not going to resign

By John Mulgrew

Catholic Primate Cardinal Sean Brady has vowed to continue leading the Church in Ireland in the wake of a damning Vatican report on the handling of clerical abuse.

Speaking after the Vatican expressed its “dismay and betrayal” at the “sinful and criminal acts” by Catholic clergy guilty of child abuse across Ireland, Cardinal Brady said he was determined to stay at the helm of the Church through the crisis.

He said he did not know if he was the best person to lead the Church but nothing had convinced him otherwise. “I don’t know but I am the person who finds himself in the position of leading the Catholic Church,” he added. “I will continue to try to do that to the best of my ability.”

A seven-page executive summary of the Vatican report was made public last week with a detailed main report not made available.

The report said “innocent young people were abused by clerics to whose care they had been entrusted” and “while those who should have exercised vigilance often failed to do so effectively”.

It was compiled by seven teams of Vatican-appointed church leaders who observed four Archdioceses across Ireland over the last two years.

It examined at the Church’s dealings with survivors of abuse and current child protection policies.

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