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Care home damaged and officers injured after fifth night of Derry rioting


Police were attacked in a fifth night of disorder in Derry

Police were attacked in a fifth night of disorder in Derry


Police were attacked in a fifth night of disorder in Derry

A number of police officers have been injured and a care home has been damaged after another night of disorder in areas of Londonderry.

The PSNI said 12 officers sustained head, leg and foot wounds after they came under attack in Tullyally and Nelson Drive from a large group of young people throwing masonry, bottles, petrol bombs and fireworks.

A care home was also damaged in the fifth consecutive night of disorder in the area.

Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones, Area Commander, Derry City and Strabane said police were called to the area after reports of youths gathering.

He condemned damage to a care home in the Nelson Drive area, which he said caused "untold fear and distress" to the residents.

"A care home should be a place of sanctuary for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. I would speak directly to those who were rioting last night, how would you feel if your grandmother or grandfather was in this care home and subjected to this violence?"

Chief Superintendent Jones added: "This has been the fifth night of disorder (...) this is totally unacceptable. It is vital that we all send out a message to those responsible that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

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"The people of Londonderry deserve to feel safe within their own homes and be able to walk the streets without fear."

He appealed to those with any influence to ensure young people do not get "caught up in criminality".

"My job is to keep people safe and I will continue to work alongside local representatives, partner agencies and members of the community to address any issues. I would appeal to everyone in the area to help diffuse any local tensions and prevent any further incidents," he said.

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