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Caretaker Davy solves riddle of lost Remembrance Day wreaths

When the people of Coleraine discovered 50 Remembrance Day wreaths had disappeared from the war memorial they immediately suspected foul play.

There was outrage as people contemplated how anyone could steal them from the cenotaph in the Diamond.

But thieves were not the culprits, the inclement weather was.

Davy Boyle (57), the Coleraine town hall custodian, has been hailed the ‘caring caretaker’ after he was soaked spending his time running around collecting the wreaths and bringing them to the safety of the town hall. Members of the public, including a bobby on the beat, also helped with the rescue efforts.

Mr Boyle said: "I was only doing the decent thing. They were all over the Main Street and other parts of the town.

"The cable ties used to hold them down didn’t work, so they were swirling about everywhere because they are quite light.

"We need some way of better securing them in the future, maybe a net or something similar."

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