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Carl Frampton fan sells his wife's car for Las Vegas trip

By Claire Williamson

He could just be Carl Frampton's number one fan.

A Belfast man has sold his wife's car to fund a dream transatlantic trip to catch the boxer's epic Las Vegas rematch with Leo Santa Cruz.

The boxer often hails his fans as being the best in the world - but Keith Dallas has gone the extra mile.

Dallas, a former amateur fighter from Belfast, has used the proceeds from the car sale to pay for the trip to Vegas - despite needing new front teeth.

Frampton revealed the incredible story following his Los Angeles press conference on Thursday.

He said: "He sold his wife's car, so him and his wife could come to the fight.

"He bought her a different car, but it's not a very good car. So he downgraded to come out to the fight.

"I don't know how that went down with the wife, but that's the fanatical fan base that I have and I'm very honoured to have it.

"First of all, I laughed, I thought he was crazy. I thought about my own wife and what she would do if I had done something like that. It wouldn't go down well. I just laughed.

"He got his teeth knocked out recently as well. He's looking to find himself a new set of teeth. But when he found a bit of money (from selling the car) he spent it on going to the fight, rather than that. That's amazing.

"But when you think about it, in hindsight, it's a huge thing. These people are putting themselves under a lot of pressure financially, just to come out and support me. I'm very, very grateful."

Frampton is expecting 4,000 fans to make the trip from Northern Ireland to the US.

He told how "honoured" he is to have such a dedicated travelling support. Frampton and Santa Cruz will come to blows again on January 28 at the MGM Grand.

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