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Carl Frampton: 'No one cares what religion he is... he's a champ'

By Maureen Coleman

Across the city of Belfast, in Christine Frampton's native nationalist Poleglass, support for her husband is equally strong.

Michael Callaghan, a 41-year-old welder and huge boxing fan, said people in west Belfast would happily celebrate a Frampton victory.

"Wouldn't it be great for Belfast to have a world champion?" he said. "No one cares what religion he is. I've never heard a bad word said about him. Barry McGuigan helped break down the sectarian divide. He has supporters from both sides of the community, and so does Frampton. Good luck to him, I hope he wins."

Steven Kearns, who works for the Housing Association, said he had seen Frampton fight and would definitely be cheering him on. "Boxing is universal," the 28-year-old added. "It doesn't matter what side you're from. Everyone round here will be delighted if he wins. There's a lot of pride in him."

At Razor's barbers, 24-year-old David Walsh, a boxer who trains at St John Bosco, was confident of a Frampton win. "People who have been coming in have been talking about the fight," he said. "Everyone wants him to win.

"If he does win, it'll be a good thing for the city. Boxing brings the community together. Everyone would be pleased."

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