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Carl Frampton's wife a knockout too ... the woman in Jackal's corner

Carl Frampton's wife Christine tells why her old one-two of spray tan and makeover is fight night ritual that helps boost boxer's morale as he enters ring

By Amanda Ferguson

PREPARING for a big fight requires time and effort – both inside and outside the ring.

So that is why Christine Frampton has her beauty regime in place ahead of husband Carl's WBC world super-bantamweight title final eliminator with Mexican Hugo Cazarez at a sold-out Odyssey Arena tonight.

The Jackal's wife says she likes to make sure she looks and feels good when she's cheering on her man.

Following a spray tan yesterday, the 26-year-old wife of the Tigers Bay boxer told the Belfast Telegraph that she is off to the beautician's today before hitting the Odyssey with friends and family.

"I will go to the beautician I always go to and get my hair and make-up done," she said.

"I will meet up with Carl in the Europa Hotel before the Odyssey and then head round and meet my friends.

"I'm still friends with lots of girls from school and my family usually go as well."

The former St Dominic's pupil is a stay-at-home mum to the couple's three-year-old daughter Carla.

She explained family life was quite tough in the build-up to a fight like tonight's as she is at the family home in Lisburn and Carl is based at the Europa.

"The final week is always the hardest," she said.

"I'm used to Carl being away for 12 weeks, with the odd nights at home in between.

"He is home, but in a hotel, so he is here, but we can't see him.

"It's hard for me and for Carla. She can't understand why she can see him on tv but he isn't at home."

While it is quite a sacrifice for the young family to be apart, the idea behind it is to keep Carl 100% focused on the job he has to do.

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Christine knows her husband is in good hands as he is managed and trained by Irish boxing legend and CEO of Cyclone Promotions, Barry McGuigan, and his sons Shane and Jake.

"Keeping away is to keep him focused and eating right," Christine said.

"He is staying with Shane and getting 'in the zone'. He can't be sidetracked by anything else."

In the seven years Carl and Christine have been together she has only ever missed one of his fights, due to a work commitment, and admits to being full of nerves when he's fighting.

Carl likes her to be there as he is known for being superstitious, so perhaps she is a bit of a lucky charm for him.

"He says it is important and I think it is too," Christine said.

"I would always be nervous, but it is an important part of Carl's preparation.

"Carl is very superstitious. He has to lace his boots a certain way, and certain other ritualistic things he has to do.

"I think he feels if I wasn't there things wouldn't be right."

Christine admits witnessing the man you love slugging it out in the boxing ring is a tough thing to do.

"I used to be better," she said.

"It gets harder. It's his career now. When he was an amateur you win some, you lose some, but now it is what pays the bills.

"It's hard for me to watch him and know you could lose it all, but I am confident he will win.

"Barry and Shane wouldn't put him in with anyone if they weren't confident."

Little Carla knows her daddy is a boxer, but at the age of three is too young to be fully aware of what it all means.

"She's aware of what he does, but I don't let her watch his fights," Christine said. "If she sees anything to do with boxing on TV she will say 'oh daddy', but she is too young."

Christine explained she was very proud of Carl's achievements and increased profile, but his fame was still a little odd to her.

"I'm proud of him but it is really strange for me," she said.

"Anywhere we go people recognise him. Kids, young boys in to boxing, want to come over and meet him. It's a nice feeling. I am very proud."

And Mrs Frampton is content that the love of her life is in good hands with the McGuigans.

"They are 24/7," she said.

"Carl and Shane and Jake are very close. They were our groomsmen at the wedding.

"Barry would call Carl his son. It is great to have that family feeling. I know they will always do the best for Carl and they won't let him down."

Christine, from Poleglass in west Belfast, and Carl, from Tigers Bay in north Belfast, have been together for seven years. They met in Kelly's nightclub in Portrush when Carl was one of the top amateur boxers in Ireland and Christine was a criminology student. The couple are the proud parents of a three-year-old daughter, Carla. They were married in October last year.

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