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Caroline Moreland murder: Martin McGuinness 'ready to meet daughter of IRA victim'

'IRA agent and British State killed Belfast mum Caroline Moreland'

By Staff Reporter

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness is willing to meet Shauna Moreland, whose mother was murdered by an IRA unit that allegedly included a British double agent.

The west Belfast mother-of-three was shot by the IRA less than two months before its 1994 ceasefire.

Moreland said she wanted to ask him: "Were you on the (IRA) army council? Did you order my mum's death?".

A Sinn Fein spokesperson said: "Martin McGuinness is more than willing to meet with Shauna Moreland.

"Mr McGuinness has already outlined to the Spotlight programme that it is certainly not the case that he was on the IRA army council.

"The killing of Caroline Moreland, like the deaths of all victims of the conflict, was an absolute tragedy, particularly for her young family."

On Tuesday it was claimed that the British state and a top British agent inside the IRA were both to blame for the murder of Ms Moreland.

In a recording obtained by BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight programme, Ms Moreland could be heard "confessing" to having been an informer. Senior IRA sources told the BBC it is almost certain that one of her accusers was also a British agent - Freddie Scappaticci, codename 'Stakeknife'.

Her daughter Shauna has questioned why her mother was allowed to die and why the state did not intervene to save her life.

Her mother's body was found dumped, near Roslea, Co Fermanagh, on July 17, 1994.

"I would like answers. I want to know first and foremost if she was an informant why her handlers didn't step in and protect her," she said. "She was missing for 15 days, it had to set off alarm bells, people had to have known about it. She could have been brought back."

Mr Scappaticci has always denied being an agent since he was named in the media in 2003. Yesterday he failed in an 11th hour legal bid to block his public denial being broadcast again. He had sought a High Court order banning Spotlight from showing an interview he gave 12 years ago.

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