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Caroline Wozniacki says she was 'shocked' when Rory McIlroy 'broke-up with her on the phone'


The couple before the split

The couple before the split

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The couple before the split

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has said she was 'shocked' when her ex-fiancé Rory McIlroy broke up with her over the telephone.

The 24-year-old, who got to second place in the US Open this week, reveals that she has now moved on since the break-up, and is in a better place.

At the time of their break-up, McIroy described it as "mutual and amicable".

But now Ms Wozniacki has revealed McIlroy broke up with her during a ten-minute call. They had seen each other earlier that day.

"I was shocked, I thought at least I would get a face-to-face or something but there was nothing. It was just a phone call and then I did not hear from him again."

"It kind of just ended and I don't think you expect yourself to be in a situation like that. You can't prepare yourself."

Wozniacki was so stunned by the break-up that she thought the first five minutes of the call were a joke.

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"I think I was in just a bit of a shock phase for a while," she told In Depth With Graham Bensinger on Yahoo! News.

However, she says her holiday in Miami with Serena Williams soon after the break-up helped her to recharge.

"I felt refreshed and I felt a new self."

"You know what? "It kind of just ended and I don't think you expect yourself to be in a situation like that. It's taught me a lot. I definitely learned a lot about myself, about relationships."

"I'm definitely on the other side now... I've moved on."

Wozniacki has revealed that she has received flattering Tweets from wishful suitors.

She revealed: "I look for someone who's honest. That's the more important thing. Who's fun to be around, who doesn't take themselves too seriously. I would like a taller guy so I can wear my heels."

Wozniacki has a "long list" of wishful attributes that her ideal guy would possess, she joked.

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