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Car-owner's police 'effort' complaint thrown out

By Adrian Rutherford

A claim that police did not make reasonable efforts to avoid damaging a parked car that was blocking a fire engine on its way to a blaze has been thrown out.

The Police Ombudsman rejected the complaint linked to an incident in Portrush over the Easter weekend.

A man claimed police had not tried hard enough to find the car's owner before allowing a window to be broken so that it could be pushed out of the way.

He also claimed that an officer had been condescending and rude towards him.

When a Police Ombudsman investigator examined PSNI records, he found the fire had been classed as a major incident.

The investigator found that police made reasonable efforts to locate the owner of the car.

Its details were checked, and when the owner was found to be from outside the area, officers knocked on doors and spoke to people before authorising that the window could be broken.

The investigator said: "The seriousness of the situation left them with no choice", concluding no misconduct had taken place.

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