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Cars damaged after night of anti-social behaviour in north Belfast

Police in north Belfast have encouraged parents to keep a closer eye on their children after a number of cars were damaged by young people throwing stones and bricks.

The incident happened in the Marrowbone Park area of the city on Saturday night.

No one was injured during the disruption.

In a statement, Inspector James Murphy said: "Our advice to young people is: don’t get involved in anti-social behaviour like this and keep yourself safe.

"Our advice to parents is to find out what your kids are doing, where they are, who they are with and what their plans are."

The damaged was caused after an earlier warning issued by the PSNI's North Belfast district that said on Saturday night it had heard reports of an arranged fight between some young people in the area.

The PSNI said that it will be increasing patrols in the area and that anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with "robustly".

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