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Casement Park's £76m redevelopment 'would jar against rest of area'

By Alan Erwin

Building a new 38,000-seater GAA stadium which will fit in visually with the existing west Belfast neighbourhood is impossible, the High Court has heard.

Lawyers for a residents group seeking to block Casement Park's £76m redevelopment said landscape architects backed their concerns about homes being plunged into shadow.

Mooreland and Owenvarragh Residents Association claims the proposed ground is simply too big for the area.

A barrister for the group said architects had been critical of the "dominant and overbearing" scale of the scheme.

Referring to their conclusions, David Scoffield QC said: "It's impossible to put a modern stadium such as the GAA want onto this site which visually integrates with the existing environment. It cannot be done."

Mr Justice Horner heard claims that residents would have their gardens partially in shadow by mid-afternoon, the court heard. The hearing resumes on Monday.

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