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Castle Ward displays copies of historic watercolours

State-of-the-art copies of watercolours drawn by a Co Down aristocrat have been installed at Castle Ward.

Depictions of the Temple Water, the Old Tower House and various other scenes from the historic estate run by the National Trust will be on display.

The drawings were made by Mary Ward, first wife of the 5th Viscount Bangor. They were fading from exposure to natural light.

With advanced digital photography it was possible to create copies.

A National Trust statement said: " We did not lose sight of the need to preserve the drawings and we were excited by the prospect of replacing the drawings with state-of-the-art facsimiles."

It added: The facsimiles were re-hung in the house in April 2016 and the original Mary Ward drawings are now safely stored in conservation storage where they will be available by appointment for specialised viewing."

A grant for the conservation work was awarded this year by the Northern Ireland Museums Council. The North Down Members Association financed the facsimile production and further donations from other groups covered the professional photography.


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