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Castlereagh break-in: IRA's files raid 'part of plan to kill police'

The IRA raided a Belfast security base as part of a plan to kill Special Branch officers, the High Court has heard.

One of those whose details were stolen in the break-in at Castlereagh police station claimed it was carried out by the Provisionals to target their "main enemy".

The former officer is suing the PSNI for medical and financial consequences he alleges were due to the breach nearly 12 years ago.

Giving evidence at a hearing to establish the impact on his mental health, he said it compounded post-traumatic stress brought on by decades of service.

The man can be identified only as CR19 for security reasons.

He had retired from the police over a year before the burglary.

Intruders broke into a Special Branch office at the police base on St Patrick's Day 2002.

They escaped with files believed to have related to officers and their agents inside paramilitary ranks.

Following closing submissions Mr Justice Horner reserved his decision.

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