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Castlereagh Council roundup

At the latest monthly meeting of Castlereagh Borough Council, a number of councillors expressed disappointment at correspondence from the Roads Service.

Following a presentation to the council by a Roads Service representative on June 25, councillors submitted a number of questions, receiving the answers in written form at the August meeting.

Councillor Cecil Hall asked if the Glencregagh Road/Manse Road and Church Road/Manse Road junctions could be assessed for the provision of traffic signals control. Roads Service response that “there are no plans to change the existing layout at either location” was criticised by Mr Hall, who said: “I am not satisfied by the answer from the Roads Service. This is a very serious problem, which could lead to a serious accident.”

Councillor Gareth Robinson also expressed his disappointment at the answers he received.

Mr Robinson had enquired if ‘stop' signs or markings could be provided at Gilnahirk Crescent on approach to Gilnahirk Drive. Roads Service responded that they currently have “no plans to provide road markings at this location”, as “an investigation of collision history for the location does not highlight any concerns”.

Commenting on the answer, Mr Robinson said: “I am very disappointed. I would like to see a stop sign at this junction. I don't think it is too much to ask.”

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