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Cat charity makes special adoption appeal after a surge of abandoned kittens

One of the biggest cat rescue charities in Northern Ireland has issued a plea for help as it cares for a recent surge of abandoned kittens.

The Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre is desperately appealing for owners to adopt one of the many cats in the charity’s care this summer.

The charity says its Belfast Adoption Centre is bursting at the seams with many loving cats and kittens requiring a home but is having great difficulty as many prospective cat owners are away enjoying their summer holiday.

Bel Livingstone Adoption Centre Manager said while this time of year is usually busy, this year is even worse than usual. 

"The Belfast Adoption Centre faces a difficult time each summer but this year is worse than usual," she said.

"As well as looking after the over 100 cats already in our care, we have also taken in unwanted and abandoned kittens, as a result of un neutered cats breeding in the warmer weather, and we’re expecting many more before summer is over.

"To make matters worse, we are receiving fewer inquiries than usual as a result of the holiday season. Therefore, I would appeal to anyone who would like to adopt a cat, and will be remaining in the area this summer, to contact the Belfast Adoption Centre."

One of the cats requiring a home is Charmaine who came to the Belfast Adoption Centre after being in a road traffic accident. The vets had to remove her eye because it was too badly damaged. She also had a broken jaw. Charmaine is now looking for a place to call home.

Cat owners can also assist the Belfast Adoption Centre both now and in the future by getting their cat neutered.

Ms Livingstone explained: “One unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 kittens a year so neutering really will help to reduce the number of kittens that are brought to the charity or dumped and left to fend for themselves. Neutering also makes cats less likely to fight and pass on diseases transmitted through biting and saliva, so it is beneficial to your cat’s health.”

For more information on adopting a cat or getting your cat neutered, please contact the Belfast Adoption Centre on 02890 480202

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