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Cat who went for 60-mile stroll back home in Ards

By Donna Deeney

A cat is enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation after a whopping 60-mile ramble from her home in Newtownards to Coleraine.

Angel's distraught owners, Beverley and Ray Berry, gave up hope of seeing their pet again after she went missing in March.

However, they got the call they had been waiting for on Saturday evening from Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels saying they had found Angel.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, a delighted Beverley said both she and her husband cried with relief when they heard that Angel had been found.

"We have absolutely no idea how Angel came to be so far from home, and we can't believe she is back after such a long time," she added.

"We got her from a cat protection centre about two-and-a-half years ago, and I think she is a bit of a free spirit because this isn't the first time she has wandered off, although she has never been away this long."

Beverley went on to describe how she and her husband could hardly believe it when they received the call to tell them that their missing cat had been found halfway across the province.

"My husband was watching TV when the Benvardin centre contacted us to say they had Angel," she said. "Ray thought this was all just a wind-up at the start. When he realised it was actually real, he called me and told me the news. We were both crying. We couldn't believe it.

"We are strong believers in microchipping, and this proves how important it is because otherwise we would never have been reunited with Angel.

"We are so happy to have her home and she seems just as happy. She is very content to be back stretching out on the cushions and getting all the attention we have been lavishing on her."

A spokesman for the Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels said Angel's happy reunion with her owners showed just how important it was to have your cat microchipped.

"Over the past few weeks, we have had reports from members of the public about this cat being sighted at The Causeway Hospital in Coleraine," he added.

"The cat was brought to Benvardin and one of our volunteers scanned it for a microchip.

"It was chipped and we contacted the owners, who had been frantically searching for the cat.

"They made the journey to Benvardin, and straight away the cat recognised them and was happy she had found her family.

"Angel is now reunited with her family after a few months on the streets. Microchipping is so cheap, yet priceless."

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