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Cathal elected as youngest mayor of Limavady at 30

Limavady has ushered in its youngest ever mayor with Cathal McLaughlin becoming the borough’s first citizen.

The 30-year-old Magilligan representative said he was delighted to be taking over the reins from his Sinn Fein council colleague Sean McGlinchey.

Mr McLaughlin (right) described the conferring of the chain as a “great honour for me, my family and my party” and paid tribute to his predecessor.

He said: “Starting right now I will work relentlessly to represent every single citizen in this borough to the best of my ability.

“I would like to thank outgoing Mayor Sean McGlinchey for the tremendous work and dedication he has put into his year as mayor of this borough.

“His vision and leadership blew away the cobwebs of fuss and formality. He served as the mayor of all the people all of the time. I will do my very best to continue ploughing the furrow he has dug.

“On a personal note, it is an honour and a privilege for me to be selected to take this post as mayor of Limavady.

“Serving as the youngest ever mayor of this borough is a great honour.

“My son Niall and my family are so proud of this achievement. I thank them all for their support, not just in politics but throughout my life.

“Unfortunately my father is no longer with us but I’m sure he will be looking down on me with a great big smile on his face.“

Mr McLaughlin also congratulated the newly elected deputy mayor, the DUP’s Alan Robinson.

He said: “I look forward to working closely with Alan over the next year in the spirit of the tremendous example set by Sean McGlinchey and Orla Beattie last year.

“I will attend as many engagements as possible and would encourage every organisation or community group to make a request for my attendance if I can help them in any way.”

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