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Caught on canvas... the Northern Ireland Troubles through prism of art


A major new exhibition exploring the Art Of The Troubles opens today at the Ulster Museum.

Violence, destruction, suffering, loss, and tradition are just some of the themes examined by 50 artists including Rita Duffy, Paul Seawright, Jack Pakenham, Michael Farrell and Richard Hamilton.

The thought-provoking display is comprised of paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and sculpture.

It is free of charge to view in the south Belfast museum's art zone and will be in place until September 7.

The exhibition has been developed in partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and includes pieces from the collections of National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI) and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Also incorporated are loans from the Imperial War Museum's Northern Ireland Collection, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as well as works from private collections and from artists themselves.

Kim Mawhinney, NMNI's head of art, said: "It brings to wider public attention the responses and reflections of individual artists themselves from their own perspectives. Although many of the individual pieces have been displayed previously in various settings, this is the first time work about the Troubles has been brought together on such a scale."

Meanwhile, Dr Jim McGreevy, director of collections and interpretation for National Museums Northern Ireland, explained the exhibition was not designed to be either a historical or comprehensive account of all that happened during the conflict, but does reflect a broad range of themes.

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Views of Young Editors


“Many would see this as quite a morbid exhibition, and I suppose it is, but I feel it’s important for us to remember the horrors our country experienced, and how both sides suffered.”


“I believe it is beneficial for the people here and tourists to view the conflict from a variety of angles. This display does that as it represents artists from each corner of the community.”

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