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Cave Hill dig

An archaeological dig is to be undertaken at one of north Belfast's most scenic spots.

Belfast City Council’s Parks and Leisure Committee has approved a request from Queen's University to undertake the archaeological dig at Cave Hill.

The approval of the request means that the centre of archaeological fieldwork at Queen's will be able to begin the excavation 400m south west of McArt's Fort.

Queen's hopes to excavate a portion of a monument that might obtain artefacts such as metal work or pottery.

Aerial photographs show what appears to be a large sub-rectangular to ovoid, banked and ditched enclosure.

Without a formal survey and excavation of the earthworks, it is difficult to ascertain the dates of these monuments.

It is thought that the settlement is typical of those found in the later bronze age.

The dig is estimated to take five to seven working days to complete. It is not known at this stage when the dig will commence.

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