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CCEA says papers checked by experts trained in marking scheme

CCEA's statement

This summer, over 640,000 GCSE and A-level components were sat by learners and marked by CCEA examiners.

Over 205,000 graded outcomes were awarded. Of the outcomes awarded, 12 students experienced an increase of more than one grade.

Each paper is marked by subject experts. All examiners must attend a marking conference in which they are trained by a senior examiner on the application of the mark scheme. Examiners are not allowed to mark if they do not attend this conference.

Prior to live marking, each new examiner carries out a practice marking of a number of examination scripts. CCEA would not allow any examiner to mark scripts unless they had been through the training process.

During the marking period, examiners' marking is closely monitored by the senior examiner.

Once marking has been completed, individual examiner's performance is reviewed again.

After each examination series, CCEA reviews its examination procedures to identify improvements for the next examination series and any changes are communicated to schools' examinations officers.

After results are issued, centres can request a review of the original marking if they have concerns that the mark scheme has not been applied correctly. A senior examiner carries out this review. CCEA's Review of Marking is one part of its quality assurance checks.

It ensures that any school that has a concern about the marking of an examination paper has the opportunity to have it reviewed.

This service is widely publicised to all schools and students.

Most grade changes happen after a review where marks are close to a grade boundary.

Should a school have concerns about an exam paper, they should submit requests for a review of marking to CCEA.

This will enable CCEA to take a holistic view of the quality of marking and to take any corrective actions where necessary.

Following the outcome of a review of marking, there is a right to appeal.

CCEA adheres to the Joint Council for Qualifications procedures, which can be accessed from our website.

CCEA charges schools a fee for conducting a review.

If a review of marking results in a change, we refund this fee to the school.

Should you have a query about examination results please contact your school directly who can liaise with CCEA.

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