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CCTV film shows burglar ransacking Lurgan primary school

This is the shocking CCTV footage which captured a heartless burglar ransacking a primary school in Lurgan on Saturday night.

Carrick Primary School posted the footage on their Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

Their cameras recorded the man running across the school playground before entering school buildings.

He then proceeded to kick down classroom and office doors before rifling through drawers and filing cabinets.

The primary school asked people to share the post in an effort to help catch the disgusting theif.

"The initial video shows the individual running up the main drive, he had tried to enter via the nursery/P1 gate previous to this," read the post.

"He then broke the window and went to the nearest classroom, P3K, before going directly to the main office. Because it was dark this records as a negative image.

"Forensics were able to identify the individual's shoes as Nike however the person wore gloves to avoid leaving prints.

"After leaving the office he is believed to have gone upstairs to the top corridor and down the far stairs where he left via the back door.

"Please look at the footage carefully and share it. If you recognise the individual do not hesitate to contact Lurgan Police station. Unfortunately the ease of movement with which this individual negotiates the school would suggest that they are familiar with it.

"Staff have already been in today to clean up the mess and the window has been boarded up."

They added: "We really appreciate all the support and messages. School will be open as usual tomorrow as we do not want your children's education to suffer because of this awful incident. We would appreciate it if parents would avoid the front office area for the next few days until everything is put back to normal."

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