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CCTV: Man (84) forces break-in thugs to flee house in Northern Ireland

James Gant

A video has emerged showing two thugs trying to break into a house in Armagh - before they are forced to flee by the 84-year-old resident.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, fought off the would-be burglars in Bessbrook at 10.24pm on Friday, November 16.

Security cameras in the doorway of his house on Millvale Road caught the dramatic scene.

The two trespassers, one wearing a hoodie and the other in a dark hat, used what appeared to be a screwdriver or small crowbar to get into the property.

They snuck into the house but within 20 seconds were chased out by an unseen person.

The man wearing a black hat stopped and they both tried to enter the house again.

But the men were chased away for a second time and did not return.

There was a break in attempt at the house two weeks ago and have been a number of similar reports in south Armagh in the past week.

His son, who lives nearby, said: "That's my father, he's 84 and they broke into his house two weeks ago and then done it again on Friday night and he was on his own and they come back in.

"The video shows them getting in the first time, then coming running out and then they went back in and challenged my father.

CCTV footage shows two males trying to break into a house in Armagh
CCTV footage shows two males trying to break into a house in Armagh

"My father isn't like the old, frail type but it has annoyed me, you know, as his son.

"I'm telling you it's just ridiculous. Once they went back in, he was giving them whatever and they ran out the second time and they ran away.

"That shows that obviously they're local to the area because of this.

"There is still a police investigation but they need to do something quick because there's a lot of community people who just don't like what's happening."

The intruders did not take anything during either break in but the son fears they may try again.

He added: "It's just all very unbelievable until it happens to your own father, you don't really realise you know."

The video was posted on Facebook by Bessbrook Community Residents Association and has been shared over 1,700 times.

Facebook users reacted angrily.

One commented: "Two complete wasters! Hope someone can identify them."

Another put: "Wonder how they would feel if somebody robbed their house?"

The Bessbrook Community page appealed for information on the two culprits.

Call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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