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CCTV shows public risking death at level crossings

By Lesley-Anne McKeown

Up to 10 people every month are dicing with death by misusing railway crossings, according to Translink.

The revelation comes as NI Railways released shocking CCTV footage of near misses.

In one clip a motorist can be seen parked on a level crossing as the safety barriers come down. The driver narrowly manages to escape before the train comes into view. In another incident a pedestrian scales the safety barrier and runs across the track as a train approaches.

Over the past year NIR said it has brought 160 prosecutions — 91 safety related.

The CCTV footage was released as Translink staged a graphic reconstruction of a collision on a railway line to highlight the potentially fatal consequences of trespass on or near tracks. It took place at Sheep Pen — a private crossing in Antrim — and was run as a training exercise for emergency services.

Translink’s Ian Campbell said: “The exercise in Antrim is a vivid reminder of Translink’s and the emergency services role in protecting and ensuring safe journeys for all passengers, pedestrians and motorists.”

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