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Challenge to bone test by Turkish killer delays trial


Recep 'Alex' Cetin and Shannon Graham

Recep 'Alex' Cetin and Shannon Graham

Recep 'Alex' Cetin and Shannon Graham

A Turkish judge has ordered a second opinion on the results of a bone test that revealed the self-confessed killer of two Northern Ireland holidaymakers was five years older than he claimed.

The case against Recep Cetin, who admitted stabbing best friends Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore to death in the Turkish city of Izmir last year, could now be delayed for at least another six months.

A bone test had been ordered by the court to determine if Cetin, who claimed to be 17 at the time of the attack, should be tried as a youth or an adult.

The results released by a medical team in Turkey last week, as revealed by the Belfast Telegraph, concluded that he was aged 22.

A lawyer for the Graham and Dinsmore families yesterday asked the judge, in light of the test results, to transfer the trial to the adult criminal court, where Cetin could face life imprisonment if convicted of murder.

However, pre-empting an appeal in the High Court by Cetin’s defence lawyers, who were instructed by the waiter to challenge the test findings, the judge ordered the medical test notes be sent to an independent forensic department for a second opinion.

Ms Graham (54) and Ms Dismore (53), from Co Down, were stabbed to death in a secluded forest on the outskirts of Izmir in August last year. Cetin, who was dating Ms Graham’s teenage daughter Shannon at the time, admitted to police that he had killed them.

It could be October before the victims’ families know if the court will accept the report’s conclusions and try Cetin as an adult. If tried as a youth and convicted of double murder, he could be freed in just seven years.

A decision over whether Cetin’s father Eyup will also be charged with murder is also imminent.

What next?

The results of the bone test carried out on Recep Cetin, which concluded that he was 22, will now be forwarded to an independent forensic department for validation. Cetin, who confessed to killing Co Down holiday-makers Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore in the Turkish city of Izmir last year, had instructed his lawyers to challenge the test findings.

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