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Channel 4's Jon Snow held up by fog ahead of Belfast talk

Veteran Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow was held up briefly by fog ahead of giving a speech in Belfast.

The journalist is in the city for the launch of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's (NIHRC) annual report.

However, fog at the city airport forced his plane to divert to Belfast International and the broadcaster had to wait for it to fly him to his original destination.

The journalist vented his frustration on Twitter.

Ahead of his visit he paid tribute to the work of the NIHRC.

Mr Snow will be speaking on media reporting of human rights from El Salvador to Sri Lanka, via Northern Ireland and Iraq.

He said the NIHRC was providing a "robust cement to the work of political and civil society in bringing about the great changes that have occurred in Northern Ireland".

He added that as a journalist who spent a considerable amount of time reporting the Troubles during the 1970s and '80s, he found the report to be "both uplifting and reassuring".

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