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Channel 4's Jon Snow sparks Twitter storm after asking what would have happened if Good Friday Agreement was put to referendum

Veteran Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow caused an online storm after he asked what would have happened if the Good Friday Agreement had been put to a referendum - which of course it was.

The award-winning UK journalist posted the question on Twitter and was quickly met with a flurry of replies with many  asking if his account had been hacked.

BBC journalist William Crawley asked if he had meant if the referendum had been across the UK.

The historic Good Friday Agreement was ratified on referenda held on the same day in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on May 22, 1998.

In Northern Ireland, voters were asked to ratify the deal while in the south, they were asked to approve a change to the constitution of Ireland.

In Northern Ireland 676,966 people voted in favour at 71.12% while 274,879 (28.88%) voted against it.

There was a record turnout of 81.10% of eligible voters.

In the Republic the recorded 'yes' vote was 94.39%, with 1,442,583 people voting in favour and 85,748 voting against.

Mr Snow's tweet comes as Theresa May said Britain would leave the European Union by the summer of 2019 after triggering the formal process to pull out before the end of March next year.

While the UK voted in favour of Leave in the recent referendum on June 23, the majority of Northern Ireland opted for Remain.

The DUP was the only major party in Northern Ireland that backed the Leave campaign.

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