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Charities join up to boost NI mental health services

By Victoria O'Hara

Two leading charities have now merged in a bid to boost mental health and wellbeing services across Northern Ireland.

Addiction NI has now joined Niamh (The Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health) Group. Both organisations will continue to operate under their own names, but Addiction NI will become part of the Niamh Group, which has worked in communities for almost 60 years.

The services will be located together to provide a ‘wraparound’ service and Chief Executive of Niamh Peter McBride said it was “a positive and innovative” move towards a more joined-up approach to vital treatment.

Alcohol is involved in at least 50% of cases of self-harm here and 60% of patients who died by suicide were thought to be misusing alcohol and half of these were alcohol dependent.

Mr McBride said: “Alcohol and/or drug dependency and mental ill-health are tightly interwoven, but for too long, they have been treated separately.”

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