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Charity plea to ex-RUC reservists

By Amanda Poole

A former RUC part-time reserve officer is calling on her colleagues to make a £10 charity donation from the one-off gratuity payment they will receive from the Treasury.

Some 6,222 former officers are due to receive the payment and now the RUC George Cross Part-time Reserves Welfare Association would like them to donate £10 to worthy causes.

Olive Bushe from Lurgan worked as a reservist from 1973 to 1984, widely recognised as some of the darkest days of Northern Ireland's past.

She said: "Having reached the end of the struggle for a recognition payment for RUCGC PT officers we would appreciate if every one of the 6,222 successful applicants would in a small way show their appreciation for a gratuity payment for which they had to make no effort.

"We would love to be able to make a £15,000 gift to each of the following four charities - NI Children's Hospice, Chest, Heart and Stroke, Royal British Legion and the Macmillan Nurses. We can only achieve this by everyone donating £10."

For further information contact Ross Hussey MLA on 028 8224 5568 or visit his office at 72 Market Street, Omagh.

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