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Charles and Camilla enjoy their taste of market day in Croatia

By Nina Massey

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were greeted by enthusiastic well-wishers as they visited a market festival in Osijek, Croatia.

Crowds eagerly awaited the arrival of the royal couple, standing patiently in the cold for hours before they arrived.

Some locals squealed with delight as Charles and Camilla made their way around the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival stalls, drawing waves from the royal couple.

On display were a number of products including wine, charcuterie, and gingerbread decorations.

Among these were two specially made hearts emblazoned with the names of Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Upon being presented these, Charles thanked the stall owner, Josip Ranogajec (55), saying: "That's very good."

Traditional Croatian singers also provided some light entertainment in their colourful dress during the visit.

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