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Chefs find a new angle to promote new fish dishes

Three of Bangor’s top chefs have joined forces to support Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Big Fish Fight.

Chefs David Moore, Joery Castel and Derek Creagh are now serving up a fishy dish with a difference in their award-winning restaurants.

David, proprietor and head chef in The Back Street Bistro, Joery from The Boathouse and Derek from The Salty Dog have devised three dishes in a bid to raise awareness about alternatives to fish species under threat such as cod and tuna.

The chefs have expressed concern about the declining fish stocks and the fact that almost half of all fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back into the water, dead, due to current EU Regulations.

The campaign was launched by TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, of River Cottage fame, and was screened recently on Channel 4.

The programme highlighted the issues surrounding overfishing and the wastage which occurs in the North Sea.

The Big Fish Fight had such an impact on the public that more than half a million people have now signed up to support the campaign.

The Bangor chefs decided to create new dishes aimed at showing a tasty and more sustainable alternative to fish under threat.

David said: “We have such a rich source of fish on our doorstep and Joery and I are trying to persuade the people of Bangor and beyond to switch to eating more sustainable fish such as pollock and ling.

“It’s about time people realised there’s such a wide range of alternatives which are just as tasty.”

Derek, head chef of the Salty Dog, who recently represented Northern Ireland in the BBC2’s fifth series of the Great British Menu, has praised Hugh for bringing the issue to the public’s attention.

He said: “As a chef with a passion for angling it is something I am personally motivated by and am positive it is a move in the right direction.

“It will, hopefully, help heighten people’s awareness and interest in the matter.”

The issue had been highly debated recently through the media and the chefs hope that by addressing the cause the public will take notice.

Joery said: “ Through TV, radio and the media the amount of information that's readily available means that people cannot ignore the importance of it.

The chefs have posted their recipes online and are available by logging on to, and

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