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Chicks have a gander in Roselawn cemetery

By Linda Stewart

You may get a surprise next time you’re up paying your respects at Roselawn cemetery — it’s now home to seven fluffy infants.

Earlier this week, a pair of greylag geese who make their home on the three lakes in the cemetery on the outskirts of Castlereagh hatched out a brood of chicks.

Belfast City Council’s cemeteries manager, Sharon McCloy, posted an intriguing image on Twitter of the young family making their way past a grave.

The cemetery is also home to swans, buzzards and even three families of badgers.

“We want to promote the cemetery as an open space where people can come to walk and reflect. We wants locals to come in, push prams, go for walks, jog and enjoy the natural biodiversity of the site,” Ms McCloy said.

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