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Child sexual exploitation hard to stop, says minister

By Noel McAdam

A Stormont Minister has warned the Government may never get on top of child sexual exploitation - because it is so "colossal".

But Justice Minister Claire Sugden added: "We have a responsibility, both as a Government and as parents, to ensure that we keep our children safe online."

She was responding in the Assembly yesterday to questions from Ulster Unionist MLA Sandra Overend and others about measures that were being taken to try to combat paedophiles using the internet to contact victims.

Mrs Overend said: "Can the Minister really provide any assurances that she, her Department and, indeed, the Executive are increasing the prioritisation of the safety of our young people?"

Ms Sugden replied: "It is almost one of those issues that I am not sure we will ever get on top of, because it is so colossal, but, as a Government, we are looking at how we can mitigate it in as many circumstances as possible."

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