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Child took tablets while at school

A child took prescription drugs at a primary school in West Belfast, it was revealed.

An ambulance was called after the young person became drowsy on Wednesday at St Kevin's on the Falls Road, a school statement said.

The child has recovered fully and a letter has been sent to all parents.

St Kevin's has organised awareness training for teachers and children.

"A child took tablets into school and unfortunately took some of these tablets while in school," a statement from the school said.

"At no stage was anyone aware that the child had these tablets in school.

"The class teacher responded immediately when it became apparent that the child had ingested something.

"The child's parents were called and an ambulance was requested. The incident was handled quickly, appropriately and reported to the relevant agencies."

All measures necessary to ensure safety have been taken.

The statement added: " The childrens' safety and well being is of paramount importance to St Kevin's.

"This was an isolated incident which has been handled appropriately and responsibly by all involved and reported to the relevant agencies."


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